We tailor solutions for your business

IT opens up opportunities for streamlining processes and creating common practices in your business. At NWiexion we always from an IT business perspective. Our assignment is often to review the processes in the company. How do they function today, and how can they be more effective? Sometimes the answer is “an IT solution”. NWiexion has well-established methods to make impact assessments, so-called business case, of an investment. What you get in black and white is how much you can earn on your investment.

Once you have decided to proceed with a new IT solution, many questions arise. Will you choose a standard or do you need to build a new system? Or you can even integrate the systems that you already have? What architecture are you going to choose? Iexion helps you design an optimal solution from both a technical and an economic perspective. In a preliminary study, we develop a decision support and recommend a solution. The work is always done in close cooperation with our customers, ensuring that the result is of high quality. We make no desktop products, the result is always concrete and useful for you.

Since NWiexion is technology and product independent. You can also hire us to assist in the procurement of an IT system. We will help you set system requirements for you to be sure that you ask for the right things and receive comparable quotes.