Hand pick the skills you need
Within NWiexion is a combination of broad knowledge and expertise in the IT field. Our consultants have mastered most of the technology and tools. We also have experienced project managers who can help you to lead, manage and staff your projects. You have the ability to hand pick skills for your specific project. Perhaps you need to gain when your own staff is not enough, or want to bringin expertise that you do not yourself possess.

Our consultants are used to working in projects and can handle different methods and quality systems. Within Iexion large business knowledge is also available from most industries and sectors.

We have a large number of consultants who are certified in various fields. By continuously investing in certifications, we guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality service.

These are some of the areas we master:

Products and development environments:

  • IBM mainframes, software platforms and tools
  • AS/400
  • UNIX, Linux
  • Websphere
  • Oracle
  • Cobol
  • Microsoft, .NET, C#
  • Java, C, C++
  • XML

Fields of Application: